we believe in greener, simpler computing


A simple operating system for everyone, able run on any machine


Enso is designed with simplicity in mind, keeping the design and system to a minimum to enable you to run the tasks you need


No spyware is included in Enso, and never will be! We believe in freedome and privacy


Built on Linux, Enso is able to run on nearly any machine that exists, including those that are no longer supported by Windows or Mac


What makes Enso


a place to log in or change account


clean and out of your way

Multitasking View

navigate active windows across multiple workspaces

Application Menu

easily search for and launch applications


'stupidly simple' dock to select active or pinned applications

Getting Started


  • Download

    Download the lastest verion of our OS and get it flashed onto a USB drive to get going, or run it from a VM environment!

  • Install

    After downloading you can try Enso to give it a test drive before installing to see if you like it, after that get going with our guide if you need help with the install procedure

  • Learn

    First time using a Linux machine or just want some help getting going with our OS? Head over to the Learn section of our docs to get started!

  • Help

Our Humble Team

About Our Team

Nick Wilkins

Project Creator

we are always looking for awesome people to get involved to help improve our environment in anyway, so whether you are technically minded or not if you want to get involved get in touch!

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